Coalition Against Trafficking in Women Australia (CATWA) 

CATWA is the Australian branch of CATW International, a Non Governmental Organization approved by the United Nations Economic and Social Council. It works locally and internationally to end all forms of sexual exploitation of women, especially the violence of prostitution, trafficking and pornography.


  • To promote recognition that all forms of trafficking and sexual exploitation are an abuse of universal human rights and constitute severe discrimination.
  • To bring international attention to all forms of sexual exploitation, including trafficking in women, prostitution, pornography, mail order bride selling, incest and rape.
  • To gain legislation in Australia to decriminalise prostituted women and penalise the men
    who abuse women in prostitution.
  • To develop strategies to support women leaving prostitution.
  • To pressure government to resource exit programs and refuges to support women leaving prostitution.
  • To be pro-woman and support women’s struggle for dignity and survival whether they are in or outside the sex industry.

The website has useful information and resources on topics including:

  • Resources, Speeches and Papers
  • Legislation
  • Prostitution (including child prostitution)
  • Trafficking
  • Pornography and pornification
  • What can I do?

The information on this website is very informative. It covers all aspects of prostitution, women and children’s rights and the latest facts and figures. It also has some suggestions on what you can do to help combat the sexual exploitation of women and children.

These includes:
In the workplace
Inquire about your company’s code of practice, to see if it prohibits the use/support of the sex industry, such as the entertaining of clients in strip clubs, etc. If your company does not have a code of practice ensure that one is promulgated.
At home
Have a pornography free home. 
Have an internet filter activated to prevent children from accessing pornography.
Use consumer power – boycott magazines that present negative images of sexuality for women and tell them why we have boycotted.
In the community
Oppose outdoor advertising for brothels and the sex industry.
Complain to the Advertising Standards Board about advertising that is demeaning to women.
Complain about retailers selling any sex industry-related merchandise, e.g. t-shirts showing “bunny ears” etc.
Explain to family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances that buying sex industry merchandise promotes violence against women.
Complain about gyms that offer pole dancing.
Complain about airlines that offer ‘sex tour packages.’

Writer Helen Splarn. Editor Dr Ramesh Manocha.
Source: CATWA