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Parents Are Having Much Farther Reaching Effects Than They Know

We were pretty good at keeping computers and televisions out of bedrooms, but as technology developed we somehow missed that phones and tablets ARE computers. One of the main conversations I have with parents is about their exhaustion at parenting with so many devices in the home. Parents feel out of control. At my seminars [...]

Why technology needs to be out of bedrooms

I have recently returned from a trip to Africa. In the weeks leading up to my trip I was often asked, “Why would you go to Africa to talk on technology?” Because the world is truly a global village! I have seen it with my own eyes.   Other than perhaps extremely remote areas, almost [...]

#selfies – you are worth more than the sum total of your ‘likes’

I was somewhat disappointed by last Monday night’s Australian Story, on the ‘selfie’ phenomenon. The thirty minutes were more about Olympia and her arty family than about the posturing culture, which is the current fad in teenage hood. I was however, intrigued by Olympia’s reflections of this ‘selfie’ culture, “We’re faking it, so that we [...]

Internet Addiction – Fact or Fiction?

Research on Internet addiction originated in the US by Dr. Kimberly Young. In 1996, she presented the first paper on the topic at the American Psychological Association’s annual conference. Dr. Young applied the diagnostic criteria for pathological gambling to Internet Addictions. Despite being harshly criticized, she remained undeterred, because more and more people began to [...]

Child Beauty Pageants in WA

So the WA pageant has come and gone, but not without a trail of debris left in its wake.  I was greatly alarmed at the news that this pageant also included a swimwear category. Not because I am averse to children wearing swimmers, but because I am completely opposed to children being judged on their [...]

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