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Escalating Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying can feel overwhelming to young people, parents and professionals, and it’s common to feel helpless or like there’s nothing in your control to deal with the situation. It can be difficult to know when to seek help, and who to get help from. So let’s take a step-by-step look at when and how to [...]

Neuroscience Of Bullying: Why Do Some Find It Rewarding?

Flikr Images Aggressive behavior is often a facet of psychiatric disorders. But it also readily occurs in people with no such condition. Bullying has the potential to significantly reduce the victim's quality of life. As such, it is a topic well worthy of study. There has been a great deal of study into [...]

Helping Students Tackle Bullying: 6 Tips for The Classroom

Bullying remains a troubling issue in our schools. In 2013, one in three Australian children aged 10-11 reported being bullied (Lodge & Baxter, 2013). Children who are bullied at school are at a greater risk of experiencing serious psychological problems later in life (Ronning et al 2009, Rigby 2015). Children who engage in bullying behaviour are more likely to become involved in criminal activities as adults (Ttofi et al. 2012, Rigby, 2015). This far reaching impact is too great for [...]

8 Ways You May be Raising Your Child to Be a Bully

We want our kids to grow up happy and successful, but putting happiness and success before caring is raising a generation of bullies. Admit it. You've watched and wondered: is my kid a bully? Not all the time. Not most of the time. But some of the time. The rough-handed grab, pushy attitude, resentful looks. [...]

Don’t Be A ByStander!

Last week I wrote of my personal experience of being bullied for years at school. The feedback I received through the comment section and social media, whilst supportive, indicated that bullying is so widespread. And not just in school, but in all areas of the community. The question is why? Why is bullying so prevalent? I [...]

How to stop our boys from becoming bashers

In one of the most important ever studies by a psychologist in the 20th century, James Prescott researched dozens of cultures and found that the degree of violence was directly linked to the amount of affection shown to children. Having our skin needs met in childhood and adolescence means we don’t have the urge to [...]

Why technology needs to be out of bedrooms

I have recently returned from a trip to Africa. In the weeks leading up to my trip I was often asked, “Why would you go to Africa to talk on technology?” Because the world is truly a global village! I have seen it with my own eyes.   Other than perhaps extremely remote areas, almost [...]