Ms Bully

Photo: Bill Diedeie I find it easier to get along with males in the workplace," admits Christina N. She sounds sheepish when she says this, and I'm not surprised. Christina is one of the most committed feminists I know. Tall, stylish Gabrielle A shot to the top of her profession when she migrated [...]

There’s No ‘Rushing Women’s Syndrome’ But Hormones Affect Mental Health

Political controversies often use the suffix “gate“ to embellish their significance. In pop psychology, the equivalent is the made-up “syndrome”, which involves a combination of symptoms and circumstances to explain behaviours and reactions. The latest is “rushing women’s syndrome”, which former swimmer Lisa Curry used to explain her hormonal shifts leading to her divorce. But [...]

Girls’ brains reorganize earlier, may explain their faster maturity

As we grow older, our brains reorganize themselves, pruning and streamlining nerve fiber linkages to reduce overall network connectivity while selectively preserving long-distance connections that are crucial to information integration. Now, a team led by Newcastle University in the UK has found this brain streamlining starts earlier in girls, suggesting it may explain why they mature before [...]

Fearful Memories Passed Down to Mouse Descendants

Certain fears can be inherited through the generations, a provocative study of mice reports. The authors suggest that a similar phenomenon could influence anxiety and addiction in humans. But some researchers are sceptical of the findings because a biological mechanism that explains the phenomenon has not been identified. Yet some studies have hinted that environmental [...]

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Put the books down and get active!

With the HSC in full swing in NSW, parents will be all too aware of how stressful a time this can be for teenagers.   Whether you believe it should be a stressful time or not isn’t the point of this post. The fact is that research reveals that approximately 40% of Year 12 HSC [...]

Girls gone wild

According to NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics data, the number of juvenile female offenders soared by 36 per cent in the decade to June 2009, compared to an 8 per cent increase for juvenile males. There's anecdotal evidence, too. In September 2011, YouTube clips of pre-arranged brawls between girls as young as 14 in Sydney's [...]