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Warning Over Link Between Depression and Video Game Addiction After MRI Scan Shows Proof

Psychiatrists have issued a warning over the link between depression and video game addiction, after MRI scans revealed for the first time the potential damage caused to young brains. The images showed the signals between the different parts of gaming addicts’ brains were disrupted, driving them to continue playing but also worsening their depression. The “emotional” [...]

What Neuroscience’s Newest ‘Genius’ Discovered

Shutterstock You have fewer synapses in your brain now than a 2-year-old. That may sound like an insult, but it’s a scientific fact. We’re all born with heads full of lonely, isolated neurons. But as our baby brains are inundated with sensory information over the first two years of life, those neurons rapidly [...]

Free Will is NOT An Illusion

The implications of this debate are profound. It determines our world view of whether we are victims of genetics and environment or bear responsibility for our intentions, decisions, and choices. I contend we are responsible for what we make of our brains and for our choices and decisions in life. In a free-will world, people [...]

How Porn Twists Teens’ Brains

Should kids have access to pornography? Absolutely not. Teenagers are curious, though. There’s no magic age when you have a sexual epiphany. No one suddenly has all of the answers when they turn 18. There’s a serious void and only the Internet to fill it. It’s a problem that needs addressing. But first it has [...]

Girls’ brains reorganize earlier, may explain their faster maturity

As we grow older, our brains reorganize themselves, pruning and streamlining nerve fiber linkages to reduce overall network connectivity while selectively preserving long-distance connections that are crucial to information integration. Now, a team led by Newcastle University in the UK has found this brain streamlining starts earlier in girls, suggesting it may explain why they mature before [...]

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