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Warning Over Link Between Depression and Video Game Addiction After MRI Scan Shows Proof

Psychiatrists have issued a warning over the link between depression and video game addiction, after MRI scans revealed for the first time the potential damage caused to young brains. The images showed the signals between the different parts of gaming addicts’ brains were disrupted, driving them to continue playing but also worsening their depression. The “emotional” [...]

Babies’ Brains Damaged by Pollution – Unicef

Seventeen million babies under the age of one are breathing toxic air, putting their brain development at risk, the UN children's agency has warned. Babies in South Asia were worst affected, with more than 12 million living in areas with pollution six times higher than safe levels. A further four million were at risk in [...]

Drunks should pay for damage: NSW report

DRUNKS should pay for the damage they cause and the resources they use, the NSW auditor-general says. Alcohol abuse is "like a parasite drawing the lifeblood out of government services", Peter Achterstraat said in a report handed down on Tuesday. He called on the state government to consider charging alcohol abusers for the $1 billion [...]

Doctors tired of alcohol damage

''Surgeons are now spending an inordinate amount of time on alcohol-related injuries,'' Professor Grigg, a vascular surgeon and professor of surgery at Melbourne's Monash University, said. ''As a result of that we have commissioned our own internal report on this issue to guide our advocacy efforts. We expect to come up against the carefully marshalled [...]

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