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Paramedics Treating More Young Women Than Men For Alcohol Intoxication

More young people are needing emergency assistance for alcohol intoxication than in previous years, new data from Western Australia show. The state-wide ambulance figures show ambulance call-out rates are on the rise in the state, with young women requiring more urgent medical assistance for alcohol intoxication than young men. The figures were released this week [...]

Exposed: The Alcohol Industry Campaign To Deny Queenslanders Life-saving Measures 

drinktankinvestigates While it’s well known that the alcohol industry does everything in its power to influence decision makers and undermine evidence-based alcohol policy reform, FARE Chief Executive Michael Thorn says these documents provide a rare insight into the precise planning and strategies currently being implemented in Queensland, as the alcohol industry scrambles desperately [...]

League Immortal Andrew Johns Apologises for ‘Disgraceful’ Behaviour at Toowoomba Airport

Apology: Andrew Johns. Photo: Getty Images Johns was named the game's eighth Immortal in 2012 ahead of contenders Norm Provan, Ron Coote and Mal Meninga. Johns' on-field achievements were never in doubt. However, his elevation was met coolly by some, who felt his behaviour off the field did not live up to the title. - [...]

The Controversial Gadget That Lets You INHALE Alcohol At Home

A controversial way to inhale alcohol has been released in a new home version. The vapshot machine boasts it can turn any alcohol into a vapour, which is then inhaled with a straw. 'It hits you instantly and kick starts your buzz!' the firm boasts of its $700 Vapshot mini machine. However, health experts have [...]

Alcohol breaks brain connections needed to process social cues

Alcohol intoxication reduces communication between two areas of the brain that work together to properly interpret and respond to social signals, according to researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine. via Alcohol breaks brain connections needed to process social cues.

Doctors tired of alcohol damage

''Surgeons are now spending an inordinate amount of time on alcohol-related injuries,'' Professor Grigg, a vascular surgeon and professor of surgery at Melbourne's Monash University, said. ''As a result of that we have commissioned our own internal report on this issue to guide our advocacy efforts. We expect to come up against the carefully marshalled [...]