While it’s well known that the alcohol industry does everything in its power to influence decision makers and undermine evidence-based alcohol policy reform, FARE Chief Executive Michael Thorn says these documents provide a rare insight into the precise planning and strategies currently being implemented in Queensland, as the alcohol industry scrambles desperately to block proven measures that will save lives and reduce violence on Queensland streets.“3am last drinks and 1am lockouts will reduce violence in Queensland. We have already seen them successfully implemented in Newcastle and in Sydney. And these measures will be just as successful in Queensland. Venues that have, up until now profited from a business model predicated on selling lots of booze, often to people who are already intoxicated, will lose business. Which is why we see the alcohol industry so desperately opposed to the measures,” Mr Thorn said


Source: Exposed: The alcohol industry campaign to deny Queenslanders life-saving measures | Drink Tank

Image from Unsplash