Whatever You Think of Packer, He Was Brave to Talk About Depression

The photograph was so disturbing, the first time I viewed it, I had to look away, as I felt as though I was intruding on someone’s deepest personal pain. The picture showed James Packer at the Crown Resorts Annual General Meeting in Melbourne in 2016, looking bloated and overweight, his eyes red and watery and [...]

League Immortal Andrew Johns Apologises for ‘Disgraceful’ Behaviour at Toowoomba Airport

Apology: Andrew Johns. Photo: Getty Images Johns was named the game's eighth Immortal in 2012 ahead of contenders Norm Provan, Ron Coote and Mal Meninga. Johns' on-field achievements were never in doubt. However, his elevation was met coolly by some, who felt his behaviour off the field did not live up to the title. - [...]

Rashida Jones on the Pornification of Pop Culture

I don't know when the pornification of pop stars became so extreme, but as Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" video played in the background—naked fantasy women bouncing around and licking things—I realized that the lines were not really blurry at all. They were clear. A new era had arrived. - Rashida Jones Source: Rashida Jones on the [...]

Has the Melbourne Cup passed its use-by date?

Perhaps even more popular than the online photo galleries of what the "celebrities" wore, are the galleries of the drunks and post-come-apart bogans as they unravel towards the end of a long day's drinking. The Instagram page "Drunk Girls of the Melbourne Cup" has more than 28,000 followers. It features women double-fisting booze bottles, accumulating [...]

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The Requests That A Magazine Retoucher Gets Will Shock You

If you want to go all the way down the rabbit hole, talk to a digital retoucher at a fashion and celebrity glossy, which is what I did. The retoucher I spoke with--who preferred to remain anonymous--is a 20 year veteran of the trade. "Everything I learned about keeping skin tone intact--taking out wrinkles but [...]

Rolf Harris guilty: but what has Operation Yewtree really taught us about sexual abuse?

However we interpret the Yewtree saga, it is undeniable large numbers of people have been abused by celebrities, who one way or another skilfully manipulated those around them to protect themselves. Beyond this, there’s not a great deal more we can learn from the cases themselves. As disturbing as they are, they comprise only a [...]

Sale of alcohol guidelines watered down by NSW government

Strict guidelines proposed for the sale of alcohol in NSW have been watered down to remove bans on the use of celebrities who appeal to under-18s in promotions and mention of specific events targeting women after intense lobbying from the industry. New guidelines released by the NSW government on Thursday morning show sections pertaining to [...]

Girl Mag Watch – Real life stories that bring you to tears

Girlfriend June 2013 “Why are you crying mum?” “Because I’m reading Girlfriend”. An unexpected response, perhaps, from an (allegedly) grown woman. But a story in the latest issue did me in. ‘Real Life Stories’ – which I have always appreciated for giving space to the raw realities of so many girls lives – opens with [...]

Gwyneth Paltrow promoting bikinis to four year olds

Paltrow's website, Goop, is promoting a range of bikinis for girls as young as four. The Melissa Odabash bikinis are normally worn by celebrities like Rihanna and Paltrow herself, but the latest range is designed for little girls. via Gwyneth Paltrow | Bikini | Girls.