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Be Smart – Be Active

As a Health & Physical Education teacher from waaaay back, I’ve always had a passion for PE and seen it as being a vital part of any well-balanced school curriculum. However, it seems to be common practice for schools to reduce the amount of time kids spend doing physical activity as soon as it is [...]

Put the books down and get active!

With the HSC in full swing in NSW, parents will be all too aware of how stressful a time this can be for teenagers.   Whether you believe it should be a stressful time or not isn’t the point of this post. The fact is that research reveals that approximately 40% of Year 12 HSC [...]

HSC Stress

“It was six years of hell, it’s a relief to be out of there.”   It’s a shame, but none of us would be entirely surprised to hear an eighteen year old say this as they sat their last Year 12 exam.   A couple of years ago I noticed that time and time again, [...]

Doping in Education

In last week’s newsletter I wrote about the sense of relief that students feel upon the completion of their studies and how the media exacerbates this by reporting on the HSC every day.   You can set your watch by it can’t you? Seriously.   Well, twenty-four hours before NSW student sat for their first [...]

The HSC Experience

As Year 12 students across Australia prepare for their final school examinations, it will be interesting to note how the media reports the reaction of the students after each subject exam.   In NSW, the Sydney Morning Herald reports daily on the exams of the previous day, citing teachers, students and parents as to whether [...]

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Students swot up on sleeplessness

YEAR 12 students are about to enter the most sleepless time of their schooling life, with adolescent health specialists overwhelmed during the Higher School Certificate period. Paediatric sleep specialist at the Children's Hospital at Westmead, Chris Seton, is overwhelmed by bookings every September, with only a month to go until students start their written exams [...]

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