HSC Stress

“It was six years of hell, it’s a relief to be out of there.”   It’s a shame, but none of us would be entirely surprised to hear an eighteen year old say this as they sat their last Year 12 exam.   A couple of years ago I noticed that time and time again, [...]

A pill popping culture

Alex Wodak was the director of the alcohol and drug service at St Vincent's Hospital until last July, a position he held for more than 30 years. He has seen firsthand the shift towards seeking fast comfort, saying there was much more pressure on populations now compared with 20 years ago and people were turning [...]

ADHD pills become latest study aid

HSC students are taking illegally obtained prescription medication used to treat ADHD to help cram for their final school exams, which start tomorrow. The Sun-Herald spoke to students from five schools across Sydney last week who admitted to using the medication, saying it improved their focus during study. But medical experts warn that they are [...]