Media Violence – Busting the Myths!, Istockphoto The American Psychological Association has just released a review of the research on the impact of playing violent video games. Contrary to what the mass media, the gaming industry and many gamers would have us believe, the jury is still not out on whether ongoing exposure to violent video games poses [...]

K-Mart’s Grand Theft Auto Ban Widens

K-Mart is now pulling all copies of Grand Theft Auto off the shelves. That includes Grand Theft Auto 4 and its various spin-off episodes. This is in addition to the stop-sale of Grand Theft Auto V titles from K-Mart stores around the country. Grand Theft Auto V was pulled from sale this morning, following a [...]

Video games boost visual attention but reduces impulse control

A person playing a first-person shooter video game like Halo or Unreal Tournament must make decisions quickly. That fast-paced decision-making, it turns out, boosts the player's visual skills but comes at a cost, according to new research: reducing the person's ability to inhibit impulsive behavior. This reduction in what is called "proactive executive control" appears [...]

Cartoon Porn: new Nintendo game only gets PG rating in Australia

Can cartoon characters depicted in a sexualised way be considered porn? The answer is Yes; if 3 of the female characters are under 18 years of age, well endowed, provocatively dressed and the game allows players to look up their skirts and dresses. Other countries such as Sweden, Denmark and Norway have already pulled the Nintendo [...]

Introducing R18+ games into Australia may lead to violence in teenagers

A recent study by Professor Craig Anderson “Violent video game effects on aggression, empathy, and pro-social behaviour in Eastern and Western countries: A meta-analytic review”  has confirmed that young people exposed to violent video games, themselves become more violent. Researchers monitored individuals ranging from young children to university students and covering a wide range of [...]

Review confirms Violent Video Games increase aggressive behaviour

A recent review “Violent Video Game Effects on Aggression, Empathy, and Pro-social Behaviour in Eastern and Western Countries: A Meta-Analytic Review”, published by the American Psychological Association has used meta-analytic procedures to test the effects of violent video games on: Aggressive behaviour Aggressive cognition Aggressive affect Physiological arousal Empathy/desensitisation, and Pro-social behaviour. Today more than [...]