Growing Up In Disadvantaged Areas May Affect Teens’ Brains, But Good Parenting Can Help

New research has found growing up in a disadvantaged neighbourhood may have negative effects on children’s brain development. But for males, at least, positive parenting negated these negative effects, providing some good lessons for parents. Living in a disadvantaged neighbourhood (where there are more people who have low income jobs or are unemployed, are less [...]

Teenage Drinking On The Decline

Our boozy Australian culture may soon be extinct if the results of a recent survey are anything to go by. Published in the scientific journal Addiction, the survey led by Dr Michael Livingston of Australia’s National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre compiled the responses of more than 2500 Australians aged 14 to 17. It found [...]

Sexualisation A Danger To Teen Health

In the teenage parties of my youth, there was always a room left in darkness, furnished with armchairs and couches, where couples could retire from the melee to "pash on" in privacy. By midnight, adolescent hormones being what they are, there was barely a spare place left. Reliably, one of those left out of these [...]