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A color-coded map of the world’s most and least emotional countries

Since 2009, the Gallup polling firm has surveyed people in 150 countries and territories on, among other things, their daily emotional experience. Their survey asks five questions, meant to gauge whether the respondent felt significant positive or negative emotions the day prior to the survey. The more times that people answer "yes" to questions such [...]

Multiculturalism Faces Uncertain Future In Our More Polarised Nation

Australia seems to be becoming a more polarised society. This is the simple conclusion from recent research undertaken for SBS, which looked for answers to how Australians think the country has changed over the past 20 years, and where they think it may be in another 20 years. A more “traditionalist” group perhaps as high [...]

Racism rife in schools, finds study

Four out of five children born in non-English-speaking countries have experienced racism in school at least once a month. Deakin University researcher Naomi Priest presented these findings - from a survey of children at five primary schools and four high schools in Victoria - to the Australian Institute of Family Studies. Dr Priest said being [...]

The Racial Discrimination Act needs strengthening – not weakening: a public health perspective

We are having the wrong debate about the Racial Discrimination Act. Rather than moving to water it down, we should be investigating how the Act might be strengthened in order to reduce the public health burden of racism. This argument is made below by Deakin University academics, Dr Naomi Priest, a Senior Research Fellow in [...]

Adaptability is Essential for the Future

The world is changing in front of our eyes.   Globalisation and the impact of technology means that, in many ways, the world of today is barely recognizable to that of twenty or thirty years ago.   This is particularly true of the workplace. We’ve long been aware of the concept of offshoring the work [...]