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Dr Donnelly

My article last week that discussed whether of not particular school discipline procedures were a breach of students’ human rights, I didn’t even think to comment on corporal punishment. Why would I? It’s not relevant these days is it? So what to make of the fact that last week, Dr Kevin Donnelly stated that, as [...]

Is School Discipline A Breach Of Human Rights?

According to this article, 85% of Australian teachers send naughty students to the ‘Naughty Corner’, give them Timeout or tell them to leave the classroom. This caused something of a storm on Channel 9’s the Today Show Facebook site after the Dr Anna Sullivan appeared on the show. The reason? Dr Sullivan suggested that sending [...]

Mindfulness could help teachers avoid burnout

There are still a couple of weeks before most teachers in Australia will be returning to work. Many will not have given it a second thought as yet, and hopefully most will be looking forward to it, but some teachers will be dreading the return to the classroom. Burnout and other mental health related issues [...]

Gaming in Health & Education

If you’ve read enough of my Generation Next articles, you’ll know I’m a big fan of embedding social media and other cutting edge technological advancements into the way in which schools engage kids. So I was very interested to see that Headspace and the Cotton-On Foundation have just released an app for iPhone and Android [...]

Punish them or engage them?

Researchers to share findings of major study of student behaviour Results from a major study show that the key challenge for teachers in classrooms today is to find ways to encourage active and engaged learning. A UniSA-led Behaviour at School Study (BASS) surveyed almost 1400 South Australian teachers to assess how they viewed student behaviour [...]

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