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Cultural and Economic Factors Affect European Antidepressant Use

The study found that antidepressants were prescribed more often and used more regularly in countries with higher levels of healthcare spending. In addition, beliefs that people with a mental illness are 'dangerous' were associated with higher use, whereas attitudes that they 'never recover' or 'have themselves to blame' were associated with lower and less regular [...]

Depression Isn’t Just a Health Crisis, It’s an Economic Disaster

Depression is a master of procrastination. The disease, which the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates afflicts 350 million people worldwide, can reduce productivity in individuals by as much as one-third. It’s an issue that researchers from Tufts Medical School this week determined costs the U.S. a whopping $44 billion per year in lost wages.  - Abby [...]

Entering adulthood in a recession linked to lower narcissism later life

We often attribute the narcissistic tendencies of others to parenting practices or early social experiences. But new research reveals that economic conditions in the formative years of early adulthood may also play a role. The research shows that people who entered their adulthood during hard economic times are less narcissistic later in life than those [...]

What will our kids lose by trying to win the “Education Race?”

Last week the Federal Government officially responded to the Gonski Report. I’m sure you heard the rousing call to arms from our Prime Minister Julia Gillard. To avoid the risk of misquoting the Prime Minister, I’ve linked to the official media release. In it Ms Gillard says: Over the past decade Australian students have fallen [...]

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