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Jameela Jamil on why Airbrushing Should Be Illegal

The actress Jameela Jamil, best known for her role in US TV series The Good Place, says airbrushing is a crime against women and should be illegal. She's one of this year's BBC 100 Women and has also started @i_weigh - a social media initiative designed for people to share what makes them unique and [...]

Airbrushed images

Two images depicting women digitally edited to look unrealistically skinny have been making waves in the media recently. In the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney an advertisement for Ralph Lauren with an unrealistically skinny model is displayed. The model in the picture has had her waist significantly reduced to make her appear much smaller, as [...]

International experts condemn airbrushed advertisements

45 leading academics, doctors and psychologists from around the world have signed a research paper detailing how pictures of airbrushed (digitally enhanced) models in advertisements can cause serious harm to viewers. The report titled "The Impact of Media Images on Body Image and Behaviours: A Summary of the Scientific Evidence" summarises the research of the [...]