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Children as Young as 6 Years Old are Watching Porn Online

Children as young as six are watching internet porn, with one group linking the behaviour to sexual assaults in schools. Centre Against Sexual Violence counsellor Kate McCormick said there appeared to be "a lot of sexual assault" occurring within the school environment. "This has been linked back to early exposure to pornography," she said. "From [...]

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Teaching Our Boys to Respect Women

One in three women over the age of 15 have experienced physical violence. One in five have experienced sexual violence. One in four have been emotionally abused by a partner.Approximately 70 women are killed each year by a current or former partner. Men are almost always the perpetrators.One in four children in Australia experience domestic [...]

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Study: TV’s female characters are sexual targets

Teenage female characters are sexual fodder for broadcast network TV series, especially comedies, according to an advocacy group's new study. An examination of 238 sitcoms and dramas airing during four weeks in 2011 and 2012 found a third of the episodes included content that "rose to the level of sexual exploitation" of females, according to [...]

Girl Mag Review

Girlfriend trifecta – three positive reviews and big ticks for global perspective in May issue My last two reviews (‘Excellent advice on helping a friend with an eating disorder and dealing with stalking’, ‘Pressures to sext and give oral sex’) have been almost entirely positive. That’s pretty unusual. The May issue makes this a trifecta. Whenever [...]

Britney's new music video: boundary between tween pop culture and adult porn culture blurred

Just when you thought it was safe to venture into the world of pop music again Britney Spears has launched herself back into the public arena with a new single Criminal. Making a spectacle of herself and her former agent and now boyfriend, Jason Trawick, she has reached a new low (actually she has reached [...]