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The Harmful Online Gaming Apps For Young Girls That Parents Need To Be Aware Of

A large needle is jabbed into the lips of a young girl. Instantly they become sausage-shaped. Another girl, oxygen mask over her mouth, has her nose cut into with a scalpel. Where did I see these images? In games targeted at children. With online gaming apps like Girls Plastic Surgery Doctor, Mermaid's Plastic Surgery, Princess [...]

Computer Games Grooming Kids For Gambling

Pixabay Images Thousands of Australian teenagers may find their favourite shoot 'em up video games redefined as illegal gambling sites under a bill to be introduced by Independent Senator Nick Xenophon when Federal Parliament resumes in August. Children are being groomed for gambling through hugely popular multiplayer first-person shooter games such as Counter-Strike:Global [...]

Pokémon GO Or NO? What Parents Need To Know

Pixabay Images Pokémon GO is only days old, but already it’s a monster success. It’s all over the news and social feeds, crashed servers here in Australia and compelled millions of big and little kids world-wide to hit the streets to chase colourful creatures that don’t really exist. Yeah great, you say, but [...]

Pediatrics Group Cautions Against Violent Video Games For Children

Pixabay Images The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is reiterating its long-standing appeal for parents to keep children away from violent movies and video games. “Although there is broad scientific consensus that virtual violence increases aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, there has been little public action to help mitigate children’s exposure to it,” [...]

Gaming Addiction

Shin Minchul, 11 December 2013             Online gaming accounts for roughly 90% of addiction cases in South Korea according to Dr. Lee Jae-Won, a neuropsychiatrist at Gangnam Eulji Hospital in Seoul, and government data from South Korea indicates that 10% of young people aged 10-19 are addicted to [...]

Dolly – Girl Mag Review

You Only Live Once. Why not change the world? Dolly February 2013 As always, I’m confused about teen girls’ magazines approach to airbrushing and photo-shop (see here for a past example of my confusion). This issue contains an explanation of the ‘Retouch Free Zone’. “DOLLY is all about healthy body image – that’s why we [...]

Tips on how to protect children from impacts of media exposure

As with most things; moderation and having regard to its content are key factors in protecting children from the impacts of media exposure.  Mr Wayne Warburton, editor of “Growing Up Fast and Furious” and Right2Childhood seminar speaker has out lined some very helpful tips that will reduce the negative risks associated with exposing children to [...]

Does violent music and media affect young peoples’ minds?

"8% of kids are playing games at a level where it impacts negatively on their life," says Dr Warburton. Many parents and teaching professionals are concerned about the effects of exposing growing children to violent music (rap/hip hop and heavy metal) and violent media (games such as Grand Theft Auto). “Although media is just one [...]

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