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Faking It: How Selfie Dysmorphia is Driving People to Seek Surgery

People used to call Anika the Snap Queen. Between the ages of 19 and 21, she was “obsessed with Snapchat, to the point where I had 4,000 followers”. At the peak of her “tragic” behaviour, she reckons now – a year after quitting the image-sharing app – she was taking 25 selfies a day. She [...]

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The Harmful Online Gaming Apps For Young Girls That Parents Need To Be Aware Of

A large needle is jabbed into the lips of a young girl. Instantly they become sausage-shaped. Another girl, oxygen mask over her mouth, has her nose cut into with a scalpel. Where did I see these images? In games targeted at children. With online gaming apps like Girls Plastic Surgery Doctor, Mermaid's Plastic Surgery, Princess [...]

More Young Girls Asking GPs About Genetic Cosmetic Surgery

Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo A world-first study has found that girls as young as 15 are asking their GPs about genital cosmetic surgery, and are increasingly concerned that their genitals don’t look “normal”. "The really vulnerable here are young women and teens impressed by what they see online and what a lot of [...]

Weighed down by excess worry

A survey by the Dietitians Association of Australia reveals 42 per cent of young women are resolved to lose weight this year. Nothing new here. They had the same resolution last year. Around the developed world, the situation is the same. One study found 95 per cent of 16- to 21-year-olds in Britain want to [...]

When de-racialisation surgery goes wrong

The genie is well and truly out of the bottle. De-racialisation – like all forms of plastic surgery – is only going to get more lucrative. My own experience has given me ample opportunity to reflect on the unfairness of a society that routinely imposes insecurity on women, driving them to mutilate themselves in the [...]

Dustin Hoffman realises a cultural lie

Women are sold this lie daily: that beauty is simply a matter of drinking eight glasses of water a day, eating mountains of chia seeds and quinoa salad, a good moisturiser and a touch of lippy and mascara. The multi-billion dollar beauty, diet and cosmetic surgery industries are testament to the fact that much of [...]

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