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Father’s Anger at ‘Hair and Make-Up’ Session for Year 6 Girls

Mr Callaghan, who goes by the Twitter moniker Grumplestiltskin, was faced with yet another example of a school being out of touch with modern society and instead of just shrugging his shoulders he took action. His daughter's school, near Dubbo in NSW,  thought it would be an awesome idea to arrange end-of-year activities for the year [...]

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The Damage Done When People Insist ‘Boys Will Be Boys’

Society should absolutely demand more of boys - but we should also expect more for them, writes Clementine Ford. Photo: Stocksy Another small American town has been rocked by revelations of sexual abuse at the hands of some of their most protected football stars this week, and local response is sadly much as we've [...]

Mental Health ‘Labels’ Can Do More Harm than Good, Warn Researchers, Shutterstock Diagnosing patients with medical labels to describe mental health conditions or severe mental health illnesses such as 'personality disorder' or 'schizophrenia', can have negative impacts on professionals working with them and could lead to less effective treatments being delivered, according to leading clinical psychologists based at our University. According to the [...]

Challenging the Violence Supportive Attitudes of Our Young People

We should be worried about our teenagers. The scary facts are that one in six 12-24 year olds think “women should know their place”, and one in three think that ‘exerting control over someone isn’t a form of violence’. These are some of the findings from a survey of over 3000 young men and women, which also [...]

Dustin Hoffman realises a cultural lie

Women are sold this lie daily: that beauty is simply a matter of drinking eight glasses of water a day, eating mountains of chia seeds and quinoa salad, a good moisturiser and a touch of lippy and mascara. The multi-billion dollar beauty, diet and cosmetic surgery industries are testament to the fact that much of [...]

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