Tackling Compulsive Gaming In Boys

Flickr/Renata Vaz I recently conducted a parenting night at Trinity Grammar School in Kew, Melbourne about Boys and Gaming. More than 450 parents turned up to find answers to the challenge of getting their boys off their devices. A parent shared with me the following: “My son is actually scaring me. I can’t even [...]

Gaming Addiction

Shin Minchul, 11 December 2013             Online gaming accounts for roughly 90% of addiction cases in South Korea according to Dr. Lee Jae-Won, a neuropsychiatrist at Gangnam Eulji Hospital in Seoul, and government data from South Korea indicates that 10% of young people aged 10-19 are addicted to [...]

Science or Sales? The Evidence and Application of Brain Training Games

Over the past 5 years, computerized cognitive training (CT) programs have made a huge splash in the digital wellness market. These programs, usually consisting of small computer games, have capitalized on recent research that demonstrates a previously unrecognized degree of neuroplasticity, or cognitive flexibility, in the brain. Currently, research is moderately supportive of CT. In [...]

The Computer Game That Helps Therapists Chat to Adolescents With Mental Health Problems

Adolescents with mental health problems are particularly hard for therapists to engage. But a new computer game is providing a healthy conduit for effective communication between them. via The Computer Game That Helps Therapists Chat to Adolescents With Mental Health Problems | MIT Technology Review.

Diggers mimic movies and computer games in combat zone

A senior army commander has blasted the behaviour of some Australian soldiers in Afghanistan, saying they expected to be treated as ''Roman gladiators'' and had an image of war based on movies and computer games. via Blast for 'gladiator' Diggers.

Dining at your desk can pile on the pounds

A study, Playing a computer game during lunch affects fullness, memory for lunch, and later snack intake, which was recently published in America has examined the connection between eating while distracted and still, with putting on weight. The researchers took 44 people and split them into 2 groups. One group was served lunch while playing [...]

Computer and video game addiction – the evidence grows

Recently there has been a renewed cry for video and computer game addictions to be recognised by the greater community. More and more material is coming to light that confirms obsessive and addictive behaviour is increasing among people, especially young people, who engage in computer games for long periods of time. In Australia, Professor Vladan Starcevic of Sydney [...]

Government report to ban TV for young children

A government report to be released next week will recommend children under the age of two not watch any television and children from two to five years of age be limited to one hour of television a day. "Based on recent research, it is recommended that children younger than two years of age should not [...]

Professor Susan Greenfield discusses computer games

Professor Susan Greenfield, world renowned neuroscientist from the University of Oxford, discussed the impact that computer games can have on the brain in an interview on Lateline on the ABC last week. She concluded that video games change the game player’s mind, both in good and bad ways. Professor Greenfield described our brains as being [...]