Music Or Books? Teen’s Choice Linked To Depression

Teenagers who whittle away their time listening to music are far more likely to suffer from depression than those who spend more time consuming other media, including books, say the authors of a new study from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. The researchers called 106 adolescents - 46 of whom had been diagnosed [...]

Diggers mimic movies and computer games in combat zone

A senior army commander has blasted the behaviour of some Australian soldiers in Afghanistan, saying they expected to be treated as ''Roman gladiators'' and had an image of war based on movies and computer games. via Blast for 'gladiator' Diggers.

Sexual Content in Movies May Predict Teen Sexual Behavior

A recent study has found that exposure to sexual content in movies increases the chances of children adopting risky behavior later in life. "Adolescents who are exposed to more sexual content in movies start having sex at younger ages, have more sexual partners, and are less likely to use condoms with casual sexual partners," said [...]

Alcohol in Movies Strongly Influences Teens-New Study

Young teens who watch a lot of movies featuring alcohol are twice as likely to start drinking as their peers who watch relatively few such films, reveals new research from Dartmouth's Norris Cotton Cancer Center that is published in the online journal BMJ Open. Moreover, these teens are significantly more likely to progress to binge [...]

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