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Pokémon GO is only days old, but already it’s a monster success. It’s all over the news and social feeds, crashed servers here in Australia and compelled millions of big and little kids world-wide to hit the streets to chase colourful creatures that don’t really exist.

Yeah great, you say, but what the hell is it? In short, it’s an augmented reality phone app based on the popular  TV series and card game. Using your GPS settings and camera, the app makes Pokemon ‘appear’ in your real-time surroundings. Players compete to catch them (by throwing virtual Pokéballs) to level up and use in duels with other players (at locations dubbed Pokégyms). Got it?

The game’s recommended for children aged nine and over, due to some animated violence in battles, but there’s also valid concerns about children’s safety outdoors, plugging into the wider game community and in-app purchases. Still with its playful, interactive nature, it’s easy to see younger children begging mums and dads to join the hunt.

Here’s seven things to know before you start pegging Pokéballs.

– Jason Treuen

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