Why You Should Boycott The Fifty Shades Darker Movie

A man becomes fixated on a young female university student. He immediately becomes possessive, sulking when she so much as talks to other men, and attempts to isolate her from her friends. He shows up unannounced at her place of work. He traces her mobile phone to find her on a night out drinking with [...]

One in three US youths report being victims of dating violence

About one in three American youths age 14-20 say they've been of victims of dating violence and almost one in three acknowledge they've committed violence toward a date, according to new research presented at the American Psychological Association's 121st Annual Convention. via One in three US youths report being victims of dating violence.

Girl Mag Watch Dolly July 2013

Dolly tackles binge drinking, abusive relationships and cyber attacks Melinda Tankard Reist Sometimes I wonder if one girl’s mag gets wind of what another is up to and copies it. In this case it’s a good thing, with Dolly also running a feature on binge drinking. I commended Girlfriend for a strong piece on “liquid [...]