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Mental Health: One in Four Young Women Struggling

The official NHS report found young women aged 17 to 19 were twice as likely as young men to have problems, with 23.9% reporting a disorder. Problems are less common in younger age groups, but are rising, albeit slowly. In children aged five to 15, one in nine had a disorder, up from one in [...]

New Research says 10 Million UK Women ‘Depressed’ Over Body Image

Almost 10 million women in the UK have reported that they 'feel depressed’ because of the way they look, according to new research. The study, which coincides with the launch of Body Confidence Week, finds that one in four women feel their body image has held them back from having a fulfilling relationship. Another quarter [...]

‘Fat Shaming’ Harmful

Fat shaming does more harm to overweight people than any good it may provide, according to a new study. This contradicts some ideas that ridicule may encourage people to lose weight. People who are criticized about their size are more likely to become obese than those who receive positive encouragement. Researchers believe this effect was [...]

The reason why we have ridiculous beauty standards

Another day, another Photoshop horror story. In a matter of weeks, Kate Winslet and Naomi Campbell have been featured on magazine covers looking nothing like the real-life versions of themselves. We've seen that men aren't immune to a heavy handed edit either, and, almost a century after her death, news has surfaced that Jane Austen was airbrushed within an inch of her [...]

Tips on how to give girls a Positive Body image

Body image is the No. 1 concern for young people aged 12 to 24. Signs include obsessing about their weight, their shape, their size. Parents should focus on a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Praise your daughter for her accomplishments not her looks.* The new Lottie doll has arrived and it is a welcome change from the [...]

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