Another day, another Photoshop horror story. In a matter of weeks, Kate Winslet and Naomi Campbell have been featured on magazine covers looking nothing like the real-life versions of themselves. We’ve seen that men aren’t immune to a heavy handed edit either, and, almost a century after her death, news has surfaced that Jane Austen was airbrushed within an inch of her long-expired life on the U.K.’s new £10 note. Seriously?

This 37-second video demonstrates how much creative license a Photoshop whizz can take with the image of a woman. Honestly, it doesn’t really seem to matter what the model looks like to begin with – extend her legs and neck, erase blemishes and shave off the ‘excess weight’ – by the end of it she’ll look just like all the other women modeling lingerie and make-up.

via The reason why we have ridiculous beauty standards.