Here’s a map of the best and worst countries to be a mother

A new report by Save the Children, a London-based NGO, gauges and ranks the conditions for mothers in almost every country in the world.  The Mother's Index, measures conditions for mothers using five different metrics: risk of maternal death, infant mortality rate, the number of years an average child will spend in school, gross national income [...]

Renewed calls for government to rethink proposed internet filter

There have been renewed calls for the government to move their focus away from censorship, this time with suggestions for the money to be diverted to better fund cyberbullying programs. The calls came from the Electronic Frontiers Australia, who said there was insufficient evidence to justify the costly proposed internet filter, instead calling bullying the [...]

Internet filter plan opposed by child rights organisation

Child group Save the Children has opposed the government's plans to create a mandatory internet filter, saying the filter will not be effective and the money saved should be spent instead on education and law enforcement. The internet filter has been criticised for being ineffective, and a statement from Save the Children recommended the money [...]