Falling Out of Love With Technology

I've been writing about the technology industry for much of this decade, and now I have an awkward admission: I've fallen out of love with technology. When I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area about six years ago as a technology journalist, I was struck by the feeling that this was the only remaining [...]

British Politician Jess Phillips Receives More Than 600 Rape Threats In One Night

Jess Phillips says the ringleaders should face either civil or criminal action. Photo: Facebook: Jess Phillips A British politician has revealed she received more than 600 rape threats in one night after launching a campaign against sexist online bullying. Jess Phillips, the Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley, declared that Twitter was "dead", after [...]

Australian Principals Facing Violence and Bullying

They're supposed to keep a check on schoolyard bullying but many Australian school principals are victims of bullying themselves, according to a survey. Alamy SYDNEY, Dec 3 - Nearly half of Australia's school principals have faced threats of violence - and parents are the worst offenders, a principal safety and wellbeing survey released on Thursday [...]