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British Politician Jess Phillips Receives More Than 600 Rape Threats In One Night

Jess Phillips says the ringleaders should face either civil or criminal action. Photo: Facebook: Jess Phillips A British politician has revealed she received more than 600 rape threats in one night after launching a campaign against sexist online bullying. Jess Phillips, the Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley, declared that Twitter was "dead", after [...]

Online Test Tells You If You’re Going to Die in Next 5 Years

The launch of a grim new test claiming to predict if a person in Britain is going to die by 2020 just made being in denial about bad lifestyle choices a lot more difficult. - Blathnaid Healy Source: Online test tells you if you're going to die in next 5 years

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All Children Should Receive Weekly ‘Happiness’ Lessons from the Age of Five

Children of all ages should be given an hour’s “happiness lessons” every week to nurture their development and stop schools behaving as “exams factories,” a major report will warn this week. It comes as separate figures show the numbers of children receiving counselling sessions because of exam stress has tripled in just one year. Former ministers and Government [...]

Inside Europe’s Biggest Sex Offenders’ Prison

Europe's biggest prison for sex offenders is in Nottinghamshire. How does it try to rehabilitate the inmates, asks Rex Bloomstein. "Whatton's a great leveller," says Lynn Saunders, governor of HMP Whatton, the largest prison for adult male sex offenders not just in the UK, but in Europe. "We've got everybody here you could imagine," she [...]

Is booze-free becoming the new black?

Sales of alcohol-free alternatives to beer, wine and liquor are on the increase. In fact, research published recently showed that almost half of British adults believe alcohol-free beer is more socially acceptable than it was five years ago. Numerous alcohol-free bars in the UK and US are starting to pop up and provide alternatives for [...]

State school kids do better at uni

State school graduates do better at university than private school graduates with the same end-of-school tertiary entrance score. That’s the clear finding in a number of Australian studies since the 1980s (here, here, here and here), and in England since the 1990s (here, here, and here). The Australian research compared academic results at the end [...]

Aussie Parents are the most overprotective!

You may have read my column a couple of weeks ago about how schools are banning playground games because students lacked the resilience or social skills to handle losing. This week I came across research from Deakin University and VicHealth that supported the idea that younger Australian kids are “bubble wrapped” more than their UK [...]

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