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Gay Conversion Therapy is Happening in Secret in Australia, Report Finds

The report on LGBT conversion in Australia includes anonymous interviews with 15 people who went through conversion therapy. One was going through therapy up until 2016. "We need stronger laws signalling it's harmful, inappropriate and unethical," La Trobe University's Dr Timothy Jones said. The report was released only days after part of the Ruddock review [...]

Learning Styles Is Pseudo-scientific ‘Rubbish’, Experts Warn

Flikr Images Leading education academics have warned that the strategy of tailoring teaching to students' so-called "learning styles" was based on flawed theories that were not based on any evidence. Yet this teaching style - which identifies learners as "visual, auditory or kinesthetic" - is still being promoted by state education departments as best practice teaching. Professor Stephen Dinham, who has [...]