Does Quitting Social Media Make You Happier? Yes, Say Young People Doing It

JGI/Tom Grill/Getty Images/Blend Images Our love of social media seems to have grown and grown in the past decade, but recent studies show the tide may be turning for some platforms, with young people in particular ditching Facebook. One study claims that more than 11 million teenagers left Facebook between 2011 and 2014. [...]

On Praising Kids for Effort

ALAMY It’s become something of a self-esteem cliché in the classroom: assuring kids that it’s fine if they messed up their homework assignment on long division, because, hey, they tried really hard. The underlying intention is a good one, and it can be traced back to Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck’s work on mind-sets. Dweck [...]

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Getting To Grips With A Growth Mindset

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve written about the concept and benefits of getting into a Growth Mindset. The language of Growth Mindset is filtering into schools and there is a wealth of material, literature and resources that you might like to look at if you’re interested in developing Growth Mindsets in your learning [...]

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Getting Into A Growth Mindset

Last week I wrote about the dangers of finding ourselves in what Carol Dweck terms a Fixed Mindset. This week I want to explore the concept of a Growth Mindset a little more. Much of the work I do in schools is around enhancing engagement. Often I’m asked what should ensure all kids and teachers [...]

US to Research Growth Mindsets in Education

Earlier this year in the US, the White House issued a statement on their website saying that enhancing methods for measuring students’ mindsets should be a key focus in future educational research.   This signals a shift away from the traditional approach of purely assessing students based on their grades, or improvements in grades.   [...]