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Youth mental health Budget focus, but what’s the situation really like?

Youth mental health becoming more prominent in Australian politics has spurred more interest in the public on assessments of the scale and nature of the problem. In this article, Generation Next co-founder Ramesh Manocha and other experts explain what is causing the youth mental health crisis and the most concerning trends now being evidenced in [...]

5 tips to prevent teenagers from taking up smoking

Most adult smokers begin smoking during adolescence. They quickly become addicted and most struggle to quit for decades afterwards. Prevention in the early years can prevent this battle from even starting. Here are 5 strategies that can help:   1. Avoid that first cigarette Young people vastly underestimate the addictive potential of smoking and think [...]

Taking the Bully by the Horns

There’s little doubt that most kids witness bullying during their schooling, either as the victim, the perpetrator or as a bystander. Over the years, I have seen many attempts to stamp it out but it seems we’re somewhat up against it. Let’s be honest, our politicians bully each other, the media bullies whoever happens to [...]

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Wellbeing or Education? It begins with belief

Dan Haesler asks which should come first, wellbeing or education? This is a no brainer - and possibly the wrong question altogether! The national and international evidence is quite clear: though we have yet to persuade all school principals across Australia - and probably most politicians - to believe the evidence.  It is unequivocal that [...]

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