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Can Smoking Drive You Mad? Study Suggests It Might

"People with first episodes of psychosis were three times more likely to be smokers," said a statement from King's College London's Department of Psychosis Studies, which took part in the meta-analysis. "The researchers also found that daily smokers developed psychotic illness around a year earlier than non-smokers. "It has long been hypothesised that higher smoking [...]

Don’t Dismiss the Link between Smoking and Suicide, Researchers Warn

Women who smoked were 4.4 times more likely to kill themselves compared with women who had never smoked. To the long list of ways that smoking can kill you, experts should add one more cause of death — suicide. So say some sharp-eyed readers of the New England Journal of Medicine. In February, a trio of [...]

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3 Common Myths About Waterpipe Smoking

By Dr Colin Mendelsohn, Tobacco Treatment Specialist, Sydney Waterpipe smoking is becoming increasingly common among young people in some parts of Australia. However there are many misconceptions about waterpipe use. In the waterpipe (hookah, shisha, narghileh), air is drawn through heated charcoal, then through perforated aluminum foil and moist tobacco (‘Maassel’) in the head [...]

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5 tips to prevent teenagers from taking up smoking

Most adult smokers begin smoking during adolescence. They quickly become addicted and most struggle to quit for decades afterwards. Prevention in the early years can prevent this battle from even starting. Here are 5 strategies that can help:   1. Avoid that first cigarette Young people vastly underestimate the addictive potential of smoking and think [...]

Australia passes plain-packaging cigarette law | World news |

The senate has passed laws to enforce plain packaging of cigarettes. It is a world first and health experts expect that it will lead to significant improvements in health. Now, we need to do the same thing for alcohol! "If this legislation stops one young Australian from picking up a shiny, coloured packet and prevents [...]

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