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Youth mental health Budget focus, but what’s the situation really like?

Youth mental health becoming more prominent in Australian politics has spurred more interest in the public on assessments of the scale and nature of the problem. In this article, Generation Next co-founder Ramesh Manocha and other experts explain what is causing the youth mental health crisis and the most concerning trends now being evidenced in [...]

Why Are So Many Of Britain’s Teen Girls Struggling With Mental Health Problems?

Pixabay Images A new study shows a worrying rise in mental health problems among teenagers in the UK. According to the Department of Education, which spoke to 30,000 pupils aged 14-15, more than one in three teen girls suffer from anxiety or depression. It's a rise of 10 per cent in the past decade, [...]

The Perfect Storm…the youth mental health crisis

There has always been a generation gap that has vexed many an older person as they struggle to comprehend what’s going on in the minds of young people. But now there is broadening acceptance amongst experts and clinicians alike, that there is something more serious happening this time. The mental health crisis engulfing our young [...]