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Electronic cigarettes: the truth behind the smoke and mirrors

The debate over the health and legal implications of e-cigarette use has divided experts across the world. Local authorities will now need to face up to the issue after e-cigarettes were banned in Western Australia. - Eamonn Duff, Amy Corderoy via Electronic cigarettes: the truth behind the smoke and mirrors.

France moves to ban child beauty pageants

Parliament in France has moved to ban child beauty pageants on the grounds that they promote the "hyper-sexualisation" of minors. The Senate adopted the bill by 196 votes to 146 on Tuesday evening. It must now be passed by the National Assembly, before becoming law. Organisers of such pageants may face a jail term of [...]

Internet Porn Ban Plan In Iceland Sparks Uproar

In the age of instant information, globe-spanning viral videos and the world wide web, can a thoroughly wired country become a porn-free zone? Authorities in Iceland want to find out. The government of the North Atlantic nation is drafting plans to ban pornography, in print and online, in an attempt to protect children from a [...]

Top schools ban homework on weekends and holidays | Perth Now

AT least two of WA's top private schools have banned homework for younger children at weekends and during school holidays "to allow kids to just be kids". The policies are in line with international expert Phil Beadle, author, trainer, speaker and a former UK Teacher of the Year, who says the traditional form of homework [...]