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How an Internet Overload Could Lead to Digital Dementia

Emily Joyce was at a yoga retreat when she realised her memory was not what it used to be. "I was with a group of friends and we were trying to remember the name of a restaurant," says Joyce. "None of us had our phones and it took us so long to remember it." For [...]

How Social Media Has Changed Everything For Teenage Girls

Lots of pretty girls are Facebook- or Instagram-famous; they're the new cool kids, the girls who have risen above the obscurity of suburbia thanks to social media's virality combined with the photo-doctoring magic embedded in apps like Instagram (or in external ones like Facetune or Pixlr). On Sydney's North Shore, for example, people talk about [...]

Are SMARTapps the Future of Youth Mental Health?

technoscore There are now more mobile phones than people in the world! Smartphone use accounts for the majority of the recent growth in global mobile devices. In Australia, smartphone ownership hit 60 per cent last year (ACMA, 2013). Almost 80 per cent of US smartphone users check their phone within 15 minutes of [...]

Is It Okay to Spy on Your Kids? Privacy, Security and the Teensafe App

A new app allowing parents to look at their children's call history, text messages and internet use will soon launch in Australia. The app, called Teensafe, already claims 1 million users in the US. But Australian police are warning that while the threat to children from online predators is real, spy apps allowing parents to [...]

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Consumerism is Hurting Our Kids

There’s a growing realisation that consumerism and the ability to acquire more and more stuff such as toys, clothes and digital devices might not be doing our kids many favours. Research from around the world suggests the rampant materialism which affects much of the West could be to blame for a generational malaise of low [...]

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Kids’ Smartphone Usage Rampant, Says Study

12 is the average age of ownership. 10 year olds spend an average 14.7 hours on their phones. 17 year olds spend an average 26.3 hours on their phones. More than half (54 per cent) of those who own smartphones also own a tablet. Facebook, instant messaging and Snapchat are the most distracting apps, according [...]

Switching Back From Smartphones to Dumb Phones

"When you've got a simpler phone you become more liberated by the fact you don't have something consuming you all the time. You kind of forget about your phone sometimes."Studies show smartphones can disrupt sleep and focus, damage relationships and make users more selfish, stressed and depressed. A 2013 study found smartphone users check their [...]

Over 66% under 17s in Australia Using Smartphones for Almost a Day in a Week

A new report released by Australia’s Telstra sheds light on the rampant use of smartphones in the country by kids aged three to seventeen and according to the report over 66 per cent of these kids spend almost an entire day on a smartphone out of a week. According to the report children spend an [...]

How Do Smartphones Affect Childhood Psychology?

Have you noticed what seems like an epidemic of people who are glued to their smartphone’s soft glow? Unfortunately, you are not alone. Over 1.8 billion people own smartphones and use their devices on a daily basis. Some studies estimate that an average person checks their screen 150 times a day. This widespread use of [...]

How Should ‘Technology Addiction’ Be Treated?

Dr. Wang explains that the first step is to identify triggers for excessive Internet, social media or technology use - such as boredom or stress. Next, learned automatic responses - such as using the smartphone to relieve anxiety - are challenged and reversed. "At a deeper level, exploring their thoughts and beliefs about anxiety and [...]