This Holiday Season, Spend On Doing Rather Than Having

Flickr Images Consumerism is in the air this time of year. There may be no better evidence of our consumerist habits than the barrage of goods currently advertised on-line, in newspaper supplements, and, of course, in store windows. But there has been some recent pushback on this front. Last year, the outdoor retailer [...]

Researchers Find Hunger Pangs Drive People to Acquire More Non-Food Objects

A team of researchers with members from institutions in the U.S. and Hong Kong has found that when people feel hunger, in addition to attempting to quash their pangs by eating, they will also acquire more non-food items. - Bob Yirka Source: Researchers find hunger pangs drive people to acquire more non-food objects

Consumerism is Hurting Our Kids

There’s a growing realisation that consumerism and the ability to acquire more and more stuff such as toys, clothes and digital devices might not be doing our kids many favours. Research from around the world suggests the rampant materialism which affects much of the West could be to blame for a generational malaise of low [...]

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