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Researchers Find Hunger Pangs Drive People to Acquire More Non-Food Objects

A team of researchers with members from institutions in the U.S. and Hong Kong has found that when people feel hunger, in addition to attempting to quash their pangs by eating, they will also acquire more non-food items. - Bob Yirka Source: Researchers find hunger pangs drive people to acquire more non-food objects

Internet pornography is an urgent public health issue, conference hears

Peter Donnelly, professor of public health medicine at St Andrew’s University, Scotland, said that the “very violent and denigrating” nature of much internet pornography was a deep concern. He said, “All males need to think very carefully about their use of pornography, because if there’s no market, you begin to change this. What you hear [...]

The Science of Your Racist Brain

When you take a look at the emerging science of what motivates people to behave in a racist or prejudiced way, though, matters quickly grow complicated. In fact, if there's one cornerstone finding when it comes to the psychological underpinnings of prejudice, it's that out-and-out or "explicit" racists—like Sterling—are just one part of the story. [...]

Stigma ‘key deterrent’ in accessing mental health care

Mental health stigma is a key factor preventing people from accessing the care they need, according to new research from King's College London. The new study, published today in Psychological Medicine, brings together data from 144 studies, including over 90,000 participants worldwide. Approximately 1 in 4 people have a mental health problem, yet in Europe [...]

What is an anxiety disorder?

Although anxiety disorders are both common and distressing, many people with anxiety disorders don’t seek professional help and may live with these distressing and impairing conditions for decades. But the good news is that anxiety disorders are treatable. Medication can provide some relief from the symptoms of anxiety. There is also a great deal of [...]

Workplace pets? It’s not as barking as it sounds

Far from being a distraction, office animals can help colleagues get on better, reduce stress and raise efficiency. A review of research on domestic dogs and human health, published in 2007 in the British Journal of Health Psychology, suggested that pet owners tend to be healthier. The review found evidence to suggest that dog owners [...]

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