Engaging Young Men Is The Key To Helping Them Beat Mental Illness

If Australia is to be genuinely committed to reducing rates of suicide, problematic substance use, and aggression and violence (including alcohol related and family violence), then we must have a coordinated plan for young men's mental health. Only a small proportion of young men who have a need for care access services receive appropriate treatment [...]

The Mask You Live In: Challenging Harmful Cultural Messages about Masculinity

One of the most moving experiences I have had as a speaker addressing young people around the country took place about a year ago when a Year 11 student in a WA secondary school stood to his feet during the discussion time following my talk on how our culture shaped boys views of themselves in negative ways. Visibly distressed, this young man recounted that his brother [...]

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Internet pornography is an urgent public health issue, conference hears

Peter Donnelly, professor of public health medicine at St Andrew’s University, Scotland, said that the “very violent and denigrating” nature of much internet pornography was a deep concern. He said, “All males need to think very carefully about their use of pornography, because if there’s no market, you begin to change this. What you hear [...]

Petition to have Big Day Out headliner Snoop Dogg barred from entering Australia

A Sydney woman behind an online petition to have Snoop Lion's (aka Snoop Dogg's) Australian visa revoked is the same woman who also attempted to have other controversial musicians, Tyler the Creator and Robin Thicke, thrown out of the country last year. Talitha Stone, 24, an active campaigner on violence against women achieved her target [...]

Kanye West, naked Kim Kardashian in music soft p*rn

There have been concerns for some time that porn culture has infiltrated the music business. This video clip doesn't so much confirm that ugly truth, as shout it from the rooftops. It is a pop culture message that is damaging young peoples lives and completely rewriting how young women see themselves and the way they [...]