Cats And Mental Illness 

Shutterstock The association between cats and lunacy is a common one in pop culture. Think of James Bond’s villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Number 1) and his cat, or Inspector Gadget’s Doctor Claw and M.A.D. Cat; or think of Dr. Eleanor Abernathy, the Crazy Cat Lady from The Simpsons. Is it somehow stored in our collective unconscious that cats go [...]

What pop culture gets wrong about eating disorders

It’s true that bulimia happens among ballet dancers and beauty queens, and other people whose bodies are their livelihoods. But the reality of bulimia and other eating disorders that involve purging – through vomiting, overexercise, or laxative abuse – is that many people suffering from them don’t look like ballerinas or pageant contestants. Many women [...]

Kanye West, naked Kim Kardashian in music soft p*rn

There have been concerns for some time that porn culture has infiltrated the music business. This video clip doesn't so much confirm that ugly truth, as shout it from the rooftops. It is a pop culture message that is damaging young peoples lives and completely rewriting how young women see themselves and the way they [...]

Video Interview: Alcohol, Resilience, Pop Culture and the Brain

Alcohol, Resilience, Pop Culture and the Brain, Assoc Prof Mike Nagel, 14 mins from Generation Next on Vimeo. Associate Professor Mike Nagel Duration: 14 mins Assoc Prof Mike Nagel will be speaking at our Mental Health and Wellbeing Seminars on applying the new brain science to working with young people. The remaining seminars for this [...]

Stop City Beach selling porn to young people!

City Beach surf store are selling pornographic clothing and merchandise, including caps and thongs, as well as countless other accessories and items from pencil cases to air fresheners.   They are a popular youth retailer that has a strong presence and influence in the youth market. These kinds of products only help to normalise the [...]