Workplace pets? It’s not as barking as it sounds

Far from being a distraction, office animals can help colleagues get on better, reduce stress and raise efficiency. A review of research on domestic dogs and human health, published in 2007 in the British Journal of Health Psychology, suggested that pet owners tend to be healthier. The review found evidence to suggest that dog owners [...]

“Smacking never did us any harm!”

How often have you heard that line? How often have you said it?   I’m not here to tell you how to parent your kids. I’m learning every day just how hard a job it is. But I can’t help thinking to myself, whenever I hear this:   “Yeah, smacking never did us any harm, [...]

Why do teenagers start smoking?

Eighty per cent of adult smokers start smoking before 18 years of age, at an average age of 15 years. (1) Young people assume that they will stop before they experience any serious health problems. However, nicotine dependence can develop very quickly and most regular teenage smokers are soon unable to quit, often before they [...]

Should facebook have a health warning label?

The number of people at risk for psychological damage from Facebook is in the hundreds of millions, in North America alone (with hundreds of millions more at risk, around the globe). And, I would argue, there is now plenty of evidence that people should be warned by the nation’s most prominent public health official that, [...]