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Social Media Monitoring Apps Shine Spotlight On Internet Addiction

Social media monitoring apps targeting programs like Facebook and Instagram are revealing alarming habitual behaviour and extreme levels of smart phone use. You may not realise it, but you are probably reaching for your smart phone with high frequency. It just takes a free app to give you the cold, hard statistics. "If you ask [...]

Today’s Kids Spend Too Much Time Staring At Screens

Pixabay Images I admit we were naive. We didn't quite get when computers entered their classrooms and their bedrooms ("the teacher said I have to do it online mum!"), that the Net – while holding incredible opportunities for learning – also opened up a whole new nefarious world of shallows and shoals, of [...]

Is it possible to have Internet addiction?

Is there really such a disorder as "Internet addiction"? In my estimation, the short, honest answer is, "We don't know enough to say for sure." Part of the problem is the ambiguity in—and disagreement over—the terms "addicted" and "addiction." An even more serious problem is sorting out the role of "the Internet" (and other electronic [...]

Should facebook have a health warning label?

The number of people at risk for psychological damage from Facebook is in the hundreds of millions, in North America alone (with hundreds of millions more at risk, around the globe). And, I would argue, there is now plenty of evidence that people should be warned by the nation’s most prominent public health official that, [...]

Internet addiction fueled by gene mutation

Internet addiction is real, researchers out of the University of Bonn say, and its source can be explained at the molecular level. Researchers from the school's departments of psychology and neuroscience report in the September 2012 issue of the Journal of Addiction Medicine that a simple variation on the CHRNA4 gene results in a significantly [...]

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6 Common Signs of Internet Addiction – Expert Advice

In recent months, there has been much interest in Australia about problematic internet use (PIU), or internet addiction as it is more commonly termed. 6 common signs to look out for: Spending more and more time online Losing track of the time spent online Constantly thinking about getting online when away from the computer Edgy [...]

Study links internet addiction to self harm

An Australian study published today has linked internet addiction to self harm. The survey of over 1,600 13- to 18-year-olds found that the students who reported signs of moderate to severe internet addiction were twice as likely to report some form of self harm. The study found that one in six of the students surveyed [...]

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