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Social Media Monitoring Apps Shine Spotlight On Internet Addiction

Social media monitoring apps targeting programs like Facebook and Instagram are revealing alarming habitual behaviour and extreme levels of smart phone use. You may not realise it, but you are probably reaching for your smart phone with high frequency. It just takes a free app to give you the cold, hard statistics. "If you ask [...]

Teenagers Are Unhappy As Ever – Is Social Media The Culprit?

Mkhmarketing Images According to a new study done by ChildLine, a child counseling group, today’s children are dealing with new pressures that stem from social media. When the organization first launched 30 years ago, they found that children were most worried about sexual abuse and family planning problems, however these days, ChildLine has [...]

FOMO: How Prevalent It Is and What You Can Do about It

reachout A latest survey conducted by the Australian Psychological Society (APS) has highlighted that on average one in two teenagers experience FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). ‘FOMO’ is the pervasive fear that you might be missing out on something great happening elsewhere, often triggered or reinforced by posts seen on social media. FOMO is [...]

FOMO: What’s the Psychology Behind the Fear of Missing Out?

free-stock-illustration The fear of missing out is an old, actually an ancient fear, being triggered by the newest form of communication: social media. Our survival as an individual within a tribe, and thus our survival as a species, once hinged on our being aware of threats both to ourselves and to the larger group. [...]

Youth skim surface of life with constant use of social media

They suffer from FOMO and FONK. Four in five say they haven't found their passion in life. With more information at their fingertips than any generation in history, today's under 30s live their lives ''a mile wide and an inch deep'', and they're so busy keeping up with their social media feeds they have no [...]