Communication is Key 

In 1980, 11.2 million people used a mobile phone. In 1990, 12.4 million people used a mobile phone. In 2002, 1.2 billion people had a mobile phone… And in 2014, 4.55 billion people used a mobile phone. That’s over 69% of the world population. We use them not only to speak to one another, but [...]

How Do Smartphones Affect Childhood Psychology?

Have you noticed what seems like an epidemic of people who are glued to their smartphone’s soft glow? Unfortunately, you are not alone. Over 1.8 billion people own smartphones and use their devices on a daily basis. Some studies estimate that an average person checks their screen 150 times a day. This widespread use of [...]

Net Savvy: ThinkUKnow – internet safety for kids

ThinkUKnow ThinkUKnow is a website dedicated to protecting kids online. It shows you how to help kids stay safe and in control when using various forms of new media. It gives teachers, parents and carers the tools they need to keep children safe while still letting them enjoy using emerging technologies. The site has free [...]

Lights out – is electronic media affecting teenager’s sleep?

Go into any young person’s bedroom now-a-days and you will find an assortment of electronic media scattered around the room. Many of these devises will be in operation simultaneously; the computer is on, the internet is connected, the iPod is playing, messages are being sent and received via the mobile phone and the TV is [...]

Study: sexting not as common as thought

An American study of sexting, the practice for teens to send nude or near-nude images of themselves via mobile phones, in 12-17 year olds found that the practice is not as common as widely believed. While the study found that 15% of teens with their own mobile phones have received sexts, only 4% had reported [...]

Texting teaches kids to make more mistakes

An Australian study has found children who frequently use mobile phones to send text messages are being taught to act impulsively and make mistakes as a result. The study of 317 Melbourne students aged between 11 and 14 found those who regularly send text messages were faster to respond to IQ style questions but were [...]

Top internet safety tips part 1

• NEVER allow a computer in the BEDROOM! • Have a Family Online Contract! Set rules and consequences for breaches. • Filtering software is important but the most effective filter is Parental Supervision! • Social Networking Sites such as Facebook and Myspace MUST be set to PRIVATE! The top internet safety tips part 2 will [...]

Tips to help parents combat sexting

Sexting has become a serious problem in our youth, with one study finding 69% of the teens they surveyed had sent a sext a girlfriend or boyfriend, so to help combat it the Australian Government has issued a fact sheet for parents to help their children avoid the dangers of sexting. The fact sheet contains [...]

Kids’ mobiles don’t belong in their bedrooms

We received an overwhelming response to comments by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg this week about the over-use of mobile phone technology by young children. Our research of 257 Australian parents representing 517 children showing 69 percent of kids aged under 18 have a mobile raises some interesting points. While no-one can deny mobile phone technology has [...]