Possible Anxiety Link to Midlife Dementia

Anxiety among the middle-aged could be linked with dementia later in life, researchers say. An analysis of existing data found an association between moderate to severe midlife anxiety and future incidence of the neurological disorder, according to research published in journal BMJ Open. The authors, from the University of Southampton and University College of London, [...]

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How an Internet Overload Could Lead to Digital Dementia

Emily Joyce was at a yoga retreat when she realised her memory was not what it used to be. "I was with a group of friends and we were trying to remember the name of a restaurant," says Joyce. "None of us had our phones and it took us so long to remember it." For [...]

Chronic Stress Could Lead To Depression And Dementia

Research has suggested that too much stress can lead to depression and dementia, Photo: Rex Features Too much stress in your life can ultimately lead to depression and dementia, scientists have warned. A major review of published research suggests that chronic stress and anxiety can damage areas of the brain involved in emotional [...]

The 13 Ways to Anti-Age Your Brain

The risk of dementia doubles every five years after the age of 65 in Australia. And whereas before little was  known about this debilitating disease, we now have "some good ideas as to what may be the contributing mechanisms", says Professor Perminder Sachdev, co-director of the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA), UNSW. While there's no [...]

Ageing Well – Living Healthier

We all become slower and more forgetful as we age, some of us more than others. When this change is accelerated and interferes with a variety of thinking or cognitive abilities and interferes with our day to day functioning, this is diagnosed as dementia, of which the most common type is Alzheimer’s disease. Surveys of [...]

Modern life causing dementia earlier

Researchers found a sharp rise in the deaths from dementia and other neurological disease in under-74s, and believe that the figures cannot be explained away by the fact we live longer. Instead the “epidemic” is down to the environmental and social changes in the modern world, the authors claim. Of the 10 biggest Western countries [...]