Meditation: Everyone can do it

Science is starting to recognise the connection between the ancient and authentic meditation experience and optimal performance states, both at work and play. What the martial artist refers to as "muslin" and elite sportspeople call "the zone" can also be found in the essence of meditation practice. It is primarily useful in stilling the mind. [...]

Meditation and youth mental health

The emerging youth mental health crisis makes it clear to mental health professionals, educators and researchers that for some reason our young people are having ever-greater difficulty controlling their mental and emotional content, their inner world.  The situation reminds me of the iconic book by Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are.4 This book was published in 1963 and [...]

Book Review: Silence Your Mind

World-Leading Meditation Research from Australia Ramesh Manocha M.D.   Here at last we have a book about meditation suited for use in all schools, from preschool through to Year 12 and beyond. This easy to read book clearly identifies findings from 15 years of Dr Manocha’s research and practice as well as presenting a meta-analysis [...]