Judgement Call: Maturity, Emotions, And The Teenage Brain

Generation after generation, one thing parents can count on is being baffled or confused by their children’s behavior. While new generations of teenagers have access to things their parents did not--Google Glass and Apple’s newly announced iWatch could be the smartphones of tomorrow--this does not explain why teenagers, regardless of generation, continue to behave in [...]

Seven Things All Mentally Tough People Avoid

Studies have shown that there is a correlation between mental toughness and self-control. To achieve those long-term goals there are things mentally tough people avoid. In all of these different contexts, one characteristic emerged as a predictor for success. It wasn't social intelligence, good looks, IQ, or physical health. It was "grit," which the dictionary [...]

Paternal influence crucial to the success of children

Children with involved fathers have better social skills, more successful relationships, stronger self esteem, more self-control and higher grades than those who do not. They are also less likely to be overweight, suspended from school or bully, take drugs, engage in risky sexual behaviour or crime. As fathers take a more active role in parenting [...]

Meditation and youth mental health

The emerging youth mental health crisis makes it clear to mental health professionals, educators and researchers that for some reason our young people are having ever-greater difficulty controlling their mental and emotional content, their inner world.  The situation reminds me of the iconic book by Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are.4 This book was published in 1963 and [...]

Spirituality Improves Mental Health

Quality of life is a subjective gauge of a person’s overall well-being and includes assessments and self-reports of physical health, mental health, functional abilities, emotional condition, social support, and spirituality. As healthcare continues to evolve and provide more complete, holistic care for patients, the importance of religion and spirituality is increasingly emphasized. And, with good [...]