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Depression Is Associated With Abnormal Function In The Brain

New neuroimaging research has found that depression is associated with abnormal function in an area of the brain known as the medial prefrontal cortex. The study, published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, investigated how the medial prefrontal cortex interacted with other areas of the brain in depression. The researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging [...]

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Switching on One-Shot Learning in The Brain

Most of the time, we learn only gradually, incrementally building connections between actions or events and outcomes. But there are exceptions—every once in a while, something happens and we immediately learn to associate that stimulus with a result. For example, maybe you have had bad service at a store once and sworn that you will [...]

Judgement Call: Maturity, Emotions, And The Teenage Brain

Generation after generation, one thing parents can count on is being baffled or confused by their children’s behavior. While new generations of teenagers have access to things their parents did not--Google Glass and Apple’s newly announced iWatch could be the smartphones of tomorrow--this does not explain why teenagers, regardless of generation, continue to behave in [...]

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