Victoria to ban mobile phones in all state primary and secondary schools

Education Minister James Merlino has announced a ban on mobile phone use in all Victorian public schools, effective from term one of 2020. The ban aims to counteract several effects of mobile phone use which schools have been struggling with. The most concerning is cyberbullying, which has been steadily increasing in Australian schools and in [...]

‘Warped Views on Reality’: Private Schools are Banning Mobile Phones

Newington College has joined a growing number of schools banning mobile phones, saying they lead to lower concentration, higher stress and "warped views on reality". The inner west school told students to keep phones in their lockers from the beginning of term four after an attempt to encourage boys to use them responsibly failed. But [...]

Schools Should Ban Mobile Phones to Improve Students’ Academic Results and Mental Wellbeing

In a lifestyle change which would have seemed unbelievable a generation ago, more teenagers own a telephone than a bike. The crucible happened six years ago: 2012 was the year teen mobile phone ownership crossed the 50 per cent mark. Since then, the saturation of these hand held devices has only increased, nine out of [...]

Fifty Percent of Teens Sext by Mobile Phone

One in two teenage boys and girls have used a mobile phone to send a sexually explicit image of themselves, according to the biggest sexting survey undertaken in Australia.​Teenage girls are using their mobiles to send sexual images of themselves because they think it's fun and sexy, rather than because they feel pressured by boys, the new research from [...]

Alcohol giants pour into social media’s digital drinking spaces

"Booze pages” on Facebook that have as many as 10m “likes” have been blamed for promoting excessive drinking through giveaways and posts that suggest things like drinking early in the morning. Alcohol companies have certainly spotted the potential of social media to market their wares to a younger audience. The growth of social media, especially [...]

Miley Cyrus: does the music business exploit women?

The pornification of everything is a huge problem across our culture, and one that has only grown muckier and more entrenched with the spread of the internet on teenagers' mobile phones. It's a problem not confined to pop music – hello, fashion photography – but pop is where the tectonic plates of sex and commerce [...]

Do your kids suffer from Nomophobia?

This relatively new condition is also one of the most – if not the most – prevalent in the Western world. Like most phobias, sufferers report bouts of severe anxiety and irrational fear. According to a recent survey, as many as 66% of us suffer Nomophobia. But what is it? Nomophobia is also known as [...]

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